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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We are now broadcasting with a new affiliate

We are pleased to announce that we are now simulcasting on www.revolutionbroadcasting.com
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ron Paul Campaign NOT Helping in Pennsylvania

Reports are coming in that Pennsylvania is not getting any help from the campaign. This is kind of disconcerting because PA is a state who's delegates are not bound. As in all of them could go to the convention and vote for whomever they choose. On the Ron Paul worldwide meetup group message board Steve Martin who has been deeply involved in the grassroots part of the campaign said the following:

"I wish there was something that anyone could do. I have been highly critical of the official campaign HQ, and they certainly aren't going to listen to me.

You will notice that they always kept $5 million in the bank, even when we had $32 million to spend. I am hearing it was always the plan to use the "leftover funds" to fund the Liberty PAC, so I wouldn't be expecting much help from Kent Snyder & Company. IMHO, we've been suckered."

When another member of the message board suggested that Ron Paul can only use the funds for his Presidential campaign Steve further elaborated:

"No. My understanding is that "leftover" funds can be given to charities (501c3s) or even PACS. They can not go to the candidate's personal use, or to other campaigns the candidate may be involved in (i.e. his future Congressional re-election funds.)"

There have been questions from Ron Paul supporters as to where the money was going. It seems we may have an answer now. I called the Campaign HQ today and they informed me that there is a radio ad being recorded for PA, and when I informed them that some supporters are wondering where their money is going. The person who answered the call stated that the lack of funding was a result of the campaign "winding down" as Ron Paul had stated that it would.

It looks like whatever efforts are to be made to get delegates in PA that are all unbound and free to vote for whomever they please will require a lot of effort from the people in PA. I hope they can get those delegates for Ron Paul.
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