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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tea Party Continued

When I wrote the 1st blog at 1 am the fundraising for Ron Paul’s campaign was breaking $12 million for the 4th quarter. Now at 3:20 PM Eastern Standard Time the Ron Paul campaign has now raised $14.8 million and counting. You can see real time donation graph and statistics here- http://paulcash.slact.net/
Most supporters estimate he will end the day with $20 million raised for the 4th quarter, a move that should make everyone pay attention and take notice to who Ron Paul is. The Boston Tea Party was a starting point in the 1st American Revolution and now it will play its part in the new American Revolution!

The BTP and Ron Paul Revolution

The year is 1773, the American Colonist upset about taxation without representation take action. The events that took place on December 16th would help fuel the American Revolution. Today December 16th 2007 a new revolution is calling. It is the Ron Paul Revolution. In just less then 1 hour he has raised over a half a million dollars. Listeners on http://www.ronpaulradio.com have gone up over 700% in the last couple hours. The king of England did not take the American colonist serious and before now a lot of the main stream media did not take Ron Paul serious! It is time to join the Revolution! It is 1:10 AM eastern standard time and Ron Paul has met his goal of raising twelve million dollars. Why is it a Ron Paul Revolution? Go to http://www.ronpaul2008.com to find out. I will continue to blog about this in the next 24 hours, stay tuned!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Radio Show- 1st week with new schedule

Our radio show is getting off to a good start. Ray has been able to record sound bites and skits and play them back, he has prerecorded introduction and messages. We are starting to get a format together. It turns out we have become a political analyst show for the most part although we do goof around from time to time. Wednesday we had the great opportunity to have our show right after the Republican debate in Iowa and give post debate analyst. We had the highest number of listeners that day with 121. Our new schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 4 to 6 PM, est. We also have a website for the show at www.northvirginiapatriots.com

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gun Control: Does it really matter?

Does gun control matter? The answer to that question comes from how you feel about the constitution, our bill of rights, and of course what you think about guns. There are many sayings and cliché on the topic, sayings like “if you out law guns, only outlaws will have guns”. One thing to do is to separate the emotional view from the interpreted view. The emotional view is easy, do you like and support guns or not? The interpreted view comes from the second amendment, “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Some people thought the modifying clause in the second amendment was “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state”, and that they did not mean that people had the individual right to bear arms. Only that the states had the right to create a militia for its protection. So what about the phrase “the people”, does it suggest that both the “collective” and the “individual” have the right to bear arms. Notice there is nothing in there covering the specifics of the arms. We understand that assault rifle’s and automatic weapons did not exists, however they did not specify guns, swords, bow and arrows or any other kind of arms thus giving the conclusion we can choose the arms we want to bear.
Does it really matter? Do you really think crime will go down when assault rifles, machine guns and hand guns are outlawed? I say no. Most of the politicians running around say things like they would ban assault rifles and handguns, they are only speaking to a crowd who emotionally doesn’t like guns anyways. Simply put, guns don’t kill people-people kill people. We you look at the amount of gun owners compare to crimes you will find over 98% of all gun owners are non-violent and only use them for sport. As an American citizen we have the right under the constitution to bear arms, it does not have any limitation on the kind of arms we can bear. Our right to bear arms was given to us to allow us to have personal protection, to protect our life, liberty and property.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Political Humor

If there is one good thing about politics it would be all the jokes. All the TV shows, radio shows, YouTube videos, books, and movies that make fun of the wonderful world of politics and our politicians. Remember “Wag the Dog” and “Primary Colors”, real tear jerkers, and how about all the skits Saturday Night Live put on. Comedians like Frank Caliendo and Dana Carvey, I loved it when Carvey would do his George Bush Sr impersonations. The best ones are the ones you come across that are meant to be funny and the sad thing is they are also reality. The video I posted below from Onion News Network says it all, it shows the sad reality of politics in a very comical way. Some would say “Sad but true”.

*Warning for adults only excessive use of the word BS!

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

North Virginia Patriots Radio Show

Monday, December 10, 2007 we started our new online radio show broadcasting on www.ronpaulradio.com starting at Noon Eastern Standard Time, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will be co-hosting the show with a long time friend and libertarian. We will be covering a wide range of topics mostly political topics however there will be some pop-culture, sports, and many other debatable issues. Please join us and spread the word. If you would like to request a song, debate an issue or talk about Ron Paul you can reach us by live chat, and Skype. The information for those is below.

Today ‘s show we talked free commerce, government and business, and our view compared to Ron Paul’s view on the federal government. Today we only had an hour but we look to increase that in the days to come and have more time for further discussion and guest.

Ron Paul Radio is put on by all volunteers and does not have any affiliation with Ron Paul. We would like to say that those putting this together are doing and good job and work to improve it everyday. Listener support and donations are very helpful. The grassrots effort put into this is awesome and someday will get its recognition. Please listen to the shows and join the Ron Paul Revolution!

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pearl Harbor- Day of Infamy

On Sunday, December 7, 1941 the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor by surprise and brought the United States of America into World War II.
The events leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor started a decade earlier. In 1931 Japan conquered Manchuria, which until then was part of China. Japan marched to expand its empire and in 1937 began the campaign to conquer China. The United States had political and economical interest in China and East Asia, as a response we sent financial aid to China and started strengthening its military power in the Pacific. In September of 1940 Hitler created the Tripartite Pact, mutual military assistance between Japan, Germany, and Italy (already allied with Germany since the 1939 “Pact of Steel”). These three nations formed what would become known as the Axis 1. By July of 1941 peace talks were breaking down and the western powers responded by placing an embargo on shipments of oil and other raw material to Japan. A country that was poor in natural resources, America supplied 80% of Japan’s oil. The Japanese government viewed the embargo as a threat to the survival of the nation. Japan responded by seizing the resource-rich territories of Southeast Asia, a move they thought would certainly lead to war with the United States. Within that year Japan occupied all of Indochina. War with Japan was becoming inevitable. Eighteen months earlier Franklin D. Roosevelt as a deterrent transferred the United States Pacific fleet to Pearl Harbor.
Knowing the threat that the Pacific Fleet posed to Japan, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese fleet, developed a plan for a surprise attack to immobilize the US Navy before the start of war.

Admiral Yamamoto’s plan would require great aerial power, planning and training, and most importantly surprise. Admiral Yamamoto would put together one of the most powerful Attack Forces ever assembled. Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo would command the task force assigned to attack Pearl Harbor. This attack force would consist of 6 aircraft carriers with over 420 planes supported by a group of fast battleships, cruisers, destroyers, as well as tankers to fuel the ships on the journey. A separate group of an Advance Expeditionary Force of large submarines was sent ahead to scout Hawaii and sink any American warships that escaped the carrier force. In the spring of 1941 Admiral Yamamoto began training for the special tactics that would be used in the attack. That same year in October the naval general staff gave final approval for Yamamoto’s plan.

The Attack on Pearl Harbor

November 26, 1941
Vice Admiral Nagumo’s fleet under the greatest secrecy departed Tankran Bay in the Kurile Islands for Pearl Harbor. By dawn of December 7 Vice Admiral Nagumo and the Japanese attack force were 200 miles north of Oahu.

December 7, 1941
3:42 am
On patrol less then 2 miles from the entrance of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Minesweeper Condor spots something in the water. Fifty yards off the port bow the officer of the deck spots a periscope from a sub.
The Condor sends a blinker message to the destroyer Ward “Sighted submerged submarine on westerly course, speed 9 knots 2.

6:00 am
Commander Mitsuo Fuchida leads the Japanese air attack and at 6:00 am a first attack wave heads south to Pearl Harbor. The first attack wave is of over 180 aircraft, including torpedo planes, high-level bombers, dive-bombers and fighters. By using a Honolulu radio station’s music as a guiding beam, Japanese pilots reconfirm their navigation. When the first attack group had taken off, a second attack wave of similar size, but with more dive bombers and no torpedo planes, was brought up from the carriers' hangar decks and sent off into the emerging morning light. Near Oahu's southern shore 2

6:45 am
The first shots of what would become war with Japan started when the US destroyer Ward moves in for the kill on a Japanese submarine. The captain of the Ward, Lt. William W. Outerbridge orders his men to commence firing. The first shot misses, the second strikes the submarine at the waterline sinking it.

7:40 am
Achieving complete surprise, the first wave of the Japanese aircraft attack arrives on Oahu. At 7:49 Commander Mitsuo Fuchida orders his telegraph operator to tap Tora, Tora, Tora: Attack, surprise achieved. Around 7:55 dive-bombers hitting airfields, including those on Ford Island, started the attack. The Navy air bases at Ford Island and Kaneohe Bay, the Marine airfield at Ewa and the Army Air Corps fields at Bellows, Wheeler and Hickam were all bombed and strafed as other elements of the attacking force began their assaults on the ships moored in Pearl Harbor. The purpose of the simultaneous attacks was to destroy the American planes before they could rise to intercept the Japanese 3
The battle ships around Ford Island and “Battleship Row” were targeted. Within minutes the attack had damaged and sank several Ships adjacent to Ford Island. The USS West Virginia, USS Oklahoma, and USS Arizona all sank. The USS Arizona suffered the greatest lost of any ship that day. An armor-piercing bomb hit the ship igniting its forward ammunition magazine. On the Arizona alone 1,177 crewmen lost their life. The USS California, USS Nevada, USS Tennessee, and USS Maryland all suffered damage.

8:54 am
The second wave of 78 dive-bombers, 35 fighters, and 54 high-altitude bombers arrives and attack. The attack targets at the Navy yard dry dock, the battleship Pennsylvania and 3 destroyers are bombed. The USS Nevada was retargeted in her attempt to move out to sea.

10:00 am
The attacks end and the Japanese planes start heading back to their aircraft carriers. Japanese pilots urged for a third strike to hit gasoline tankers and other facilities that would later help America win the war. The Japanese commanders view the attack as a success and decided against a third strike and at 1 pm order the attack force to return home to Japan.

In the end over 2,400 military personnel and 68 civilians were killed in the attacks. There were over 1,100 wounded military personnel and civilians. Our forces suffered 188 aircrafts destroyed and 159 damaged. Twenty-one ships were sunk or damaged in the Pacific Fleet. The Japanese loss was minimal, only losing 29 plans, 5 midget subs and 65 servicemen killed or wounded.
The Japanese succeeded in ending the debate in America to remain out of the conflict or not. On December 8, 1941 President Roosevelt delivered a speech to congress in which he declared December 7, 1941 “a date which will live in infamy”, and America officially enters into World War II.

1. Veranov, Michael (editor), McGeoch, Angus, (1997). “The Third Reich At War. Bristol: Siena
2. Multimedia Map and Time Line, The Discovery Channel Website. Retrieved December 7, 2007 from http://plasma.nationalgeographic.com/pearlharbor/
3. The Pearl Harbor Attack. Naval Historical Center Website, Department of the Navy. From the website http://www.history.navy.mil/faqs/faq66-1.htm

The Third Reich At War

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Reason For Ron Paul, Part I: Taxes and Spending

There is no secret that the North Virginia Patriots support Ron Paul for president. So now I would like to give the some reason why. I have picked four issues that Ron Paul and this blog share the same feelings on. These four issues are Taxes and Spending, War and Foreign Policy, Health Care, and Social Security. We then compared this to what the two candidates leading in the polls from both parties. For the Democrats the two leaders are Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, for the Republicans Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney. I used their websites and any videos they endorsed to form my comparisons and opinions. This will be a four-part blog each part covers one of the four issues I am comparing. The issues were chosen based on a random pick of four major issues that most Americans might pick their candidate on. Good luck when you go to the four candidates websites above, some are harder then others to find and figure out what they are saying. I believe in the end if you believe in the Constitution, smaller government, and more personal liberties. You will find that Ron Paul is the person you want to vote for. However don’t take my word for it, please read their websites your self.

Taxes & Spending:

Ron Paul-
The first thing you will notice is Ron Paul doesn’t spend the time talking about what he did in the past, instead he focuses on what he will do when he is President. When it comes to spending and taxes “real conservatives have always supported low taxes and low spending” says Ron Paul on his website. It is no secret that spending is out of control, Ron Paul has pledged to stop the spending, decrease the size of government by cutting many of its unnecessary agencies. Ron Paul’s plan on cutting taxes goes as far as eliminating the Income Tax. The income tax is unconstitutional and was never meant to be permanent. Ron Paul pledges to eliminate this tax and give more of our money back to us-the people who worked for it. He would cut taxes on businesses, large and small, and get rid of the capitol gains tax. How do you cut so many taxes? Easy you cut back on spending, you downsize government and eliminate many programs being paid for by taxpayers. Start with the programs that would be better handled by private enterprise. To cut taxes you have get rid of government spending. Ron Paul will change our foreign policy so we are not spending our money policing the world. American taxpayer money goes to other countries to help them do things like rebuild their infrastructure, and even their military. Ron Paul will stop giving welfare to other countries. What a great way to cut spending. Another way is to eliminate offices like the IRS and Department of Education, and many others like them. I find it interesting that most people I have ever talked to would be for eliminating the IRS. However when a Candidate runs that says he will do it, everyone seems to think he is talking extreme. There is an overwhelming amount of American’s who would love to down size the government and have more money in their pocket. It’s a no brainer! I have another blog entry about Government acronyms and agencies. Read it, see for yourself how many government agencies exists and how many you would get rid of. Oh and “Let’s not forget the UN. It wants to impose a direct tax on us. I successfully fought this move in Congress last year, but if we are going to stop ongoing attempts of this world government body to tax us, we will need leadership from the White House” says Ron Paul. Ron Paul is not afraid to say exactly how he is going to accomplish lowering taxes and stop spending, he gives a clear plan for what he will do. Do the other candidates outline their plan?


Rudy Giuliani-
When you read about the issues on Giuliani website, he does the same thing at the debates- He talks about what he has done. How he cut taxes when he was the Mayor of New York city. “He cut taxes 23 times in New York and turned a $2.3 billion budget deficit into a multi-billion dollar surplus, while balancing the city’s budget” it says on his website. I think any time people get a tax cut it is a good thing however New York city remains on the list of most expensive cities to live in the United States, it usually makes number 1. I think they could use some more cuts Mayor. The one thing I did notice, Giuliani also brags about how he spent big amounts of money to fight crime, and fix the city infrastructure. To me it sounds like the talk of a spender. The question is Rudy, what are you going to do for us when you are President? To get that answer on his website you have to watch a video. There he does say he will cut taxes and reform the tax code. I ask how? He doesn’t really say how he will do it but he does say “we need to find a way”. How about eliminate the income tax, get rid of the IRS! Are you afraid to commit to something Rudy?

Mitt Romney-
Mitt is very passionate about government spending however I couldn’t find too much about his tax plan. "Government is simply too big. State government is too big. The federal government is too big. It's spending too much. There's a lot we can do with efficiency and duplication. There's even more we can do by just simply cutting back on the scale of our government”, says Romney on his website. Once again I can’t find the answer to how? Are you going to cut out government agencies and programs? Then as you read on Romney does go on the state 6 ideas for how he will do it-

1. Establish Strict Spending Limits
2. Conduct Stem-to-Stern Review
3. Reform Entitlements
4. Institute The Line-Item Veto
5. Give Presidential Flexibility
6. Restore Supermajority Requirement

He does give a little explanation of the six points above. Good job Governor better then Rudy. I still think you can do better, tell us what taxes you what cut, where exactly you would curve spending? Would you get rid of the income tax? Would you cut out agencies like the IRS or the Department of Home Land Security? I watch the debates and like Rudy you haven’t said exactly what you would do you just say what you have done. Like Rudy I understand there is some merit in past performance but let’s talk about your plan, what would you do as president?


Hillary Clinton-
Hillary does a really good job of making her positions on issues sound good. The question is what do you believe? Do you believe it is the job of the government to do things beyond protecting life, liberty, and property? Do you believe the government should give grants and money to small business, that the government should provide affordable health care, that it should help you with your college tuition? We don’t, Hillary does. She gives the warm and fuzzy feeling she is going to give a lot to people. I am not sure how she will do it with out raising taxes and increasing spending.
“As president, Hillary will:

  • Make health care affordable and accessible to every American.

  • Reduce the cost of energy and make us energy independent.

  • Expand access to affordable, high-quality child care.

  • Make college more affordable.

  • Protect families from predatory lenders and help them avoid foreclosures.

  • Increase the minimum wage.

  • Create good jobs with good wages to expand the middle class.

  • Balance the federal budget so we don't pass today's massive debts to the next generation.

  • Reward savings, protect pensions, and provide greater retirement security.”

“As a senator, Hillary introduced a plan that ties increases in the minimum wage to Congressional pay raises, so that if Congress votes a raise for itself, the minimum wage goes up as well.”
Why does the government have to regulate minimum wage, isn’t that for the free market place? Only if you believe government can do it better then the capitalist…Hillary does!
She really doesn’t give any plan on how she would control spending, cut taxes, balance the budget and implement here many programs. What is the plan Hillary?

Barack Obama-
Barack Obama and Hillary are not to far apart, I am not sure how the democrats are going to decide which one to represent them in the General Election. And between both of them I can not find there exact position on taxes and spending with the exception that they both want to introduce government programs to give to money and grants to people.

“Transitional jobs are a promising way to help chronically unemployed people break into the workplace. This approach places participants into temporary, subsidized wage-paying jobs. It also offers mentoring and social services designed to address work-blocking problems like personal and family conflicts. Once they find entry-level work, low-income workers often are unable to break into middle-class jobs. Bridge programs can help by partnering the federal government with employers and community-based organizations to identify job opportunities, develop customized training programs, and place low-income employees in better jobs. Senator Obama introduced legislation to devote $50 million for transitional and bridge employment programs for hard-to-employ groups like homeless veterans, children aging out of foster care, and people returning to communities after a time in prison.”
Can you say big brother?

The only tax I can see Obama talk about is the Child Tax Credit.
“The Child Tax Credit allows parents to receive $1,000 per child and has been an important financial resource for working families. Unfortunately, the credit is skewed so that many families who need it the most cannot get it. Because of artificially high income limits that are indexed to inflation every year, parents that work full time at minimum wage are not eligible for the credit. As a result, nearly 17 million low-income children get less than the full credit. Senator Obama worked with Senator Olympia Snowe (R-ME) to introduce legislation lowering the income limit so that 600,000 more families can benefit. Senator Obama also introduced legislation to temporarily expand the Child Tax Credit for low-income parents affected by Hurricane Katrina. Senator Obama succeeded in passing legislation to extend tax credits for military families by allowing service members deployed to war zones to apply their non-taxable combat pay toward the Earned Income Tax Credit.”
Wow doesn’t it just make you feel warm and fuzzy? So the only plan he has is to help people with children and those affected by Hurricane Katrina, lucky us.
He is going to create a Healthcare system that works, he will fight poverty, protect the environment, and improve our schools. All of this while balancing the budget, controlling spending, and reduces our taxes. No if I could only find out how.

It seems logical that the republicans are willing to make taxes and spending a direct issue while the democrats seem to beat around the bush (no pun intended). Governor Romney comes in second behind Ron Paul on the person who best outlines their plan for this. If all you care about is what Rudy has done, then he would get 3rd. As for Hillary and Barrack I think they make no secret to the fact that they believe in big government, that the government should provide for the people. Remember I also watch debates and videos so I can have a better idea of what the candidates are saying. I think it is clear Ron Paul has a plan. That plan is to stop spending, cut out taxes and the agency that collects the taxes.
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