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Friday, November 30, 2007

Ron Paul Ad competition - Something Big

Today Ron Paul has past the $10 million mark on his online fund raising campaign, $2 million away from his goal of Twelve Million Dollars! If you haven’t already, join the Ron Paul Revolution. Ron Paul stands for freedom and the constitution. It is time for change in America, it is time for Ron Paul. Help spread Freedom and donate today.

I'm Mad As Hell!

I am mad as hell! I find it very interesting that we fight so hard for separation of church and state but not for the separation of business and state. I find it Ironic that the protestant church was one of the 1st churches in this country to start public schools. I am mad as hell! We fight so hard for one of the most protected rights- the freedom of press, yet one of the most attacked rights is that to bear arms, another very important right. I am mad as hell! Ayn Rand said it best in Capitalism “The Unknown Ideal” “The difference between political power and any other kind of social “power,” between a government and any private organization, is the fact that a government holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force. This distinction is so important and so seldom recognized today that I must urge you to keep it in mind. Let me repeat it: a government holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force.” Not so many people seem to care when told that. They take it for what it is. So I am mad as hell! They tell me I have to wear my seat belt, and if I don’t a guy with a gun pulls me over and tells me I have to give money to somebody or challenge it in court. So because I don’t do what they tell me and wear my seat belt I have to give them some money. I feel like my government treats me like a child. Now if I challenge it in court not only am I out of a day of work and making money but I am still likely to lose my money. I am mad as hell! When did I have to start answering to my government? When did my government have the right to tell me what to do? I am mad as hell! Doesn’t it bother anyone that you have to pay for a business permit, that you have to pay to get the governments permission to start a business? I am mad as hell! Too much of my money goes to taxes. I am mad as hell because I could go on all day about what I am mad as hell about.
You must be mad as hell, please tell us why you are mad as hell!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ron Paul Song

Great song supporting Ron Paul, I had to add it to our blog.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss

I found myself defending George Bush the other night when I was out with some friends, liberal friends as it is. I didn’t defend him cause I am a big George Bush supporter although I admit I did vote for him in both elections. What can I say? My other two choices were Al Gore in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004. My only hope is that Ron Paul wins the nomination so I can vote for a libertarian this time.

So here is my rant. I am tired of hearing people talk politics and say broad statements like George Bush is ruining this country. Of course when you ask why, those saying it don’t give anything backed by facts. They say stuff like he lied and got us into this war, that he is the reason the gas prices are so high and he is taking all the profits from it. I heard some others but those are the most recent. And of course they defended their hero- Bill Clinton.

So lets look at some facts. While I agree Bush’s approval rating is the worst of any president, I do blame some of that on the media. The media does everything it can to make republicans look bad, and why not, 90% of the mainstream media is liberal.

Of course when you bring up the fact that Clinton lied, the only thing they say is yeah he did lie about cheating on his wife, then they say what is the big deal? Women who like Clinton even say that. I don’t know about you but a lie is a lie and cheating on your wife, the 1st lady, while you are in the White House, then lie about it on a Grand Jury. It is a big deal to me. So I can only conclude that liberals aren’t upset about lying, they are just upset at what the lie is? I say all politicians lie. To be a good politician by all standards means you have to be a liar. These days you don’t even have to be a good liar.

So George Bush lied and got us into an unjust war because of it. Does it matter that it is a known fact that Saddam Hussein was bluffing about having WMDs. It is also known that he was bribing those in the UN to lift the sanctions from Iraq, after which he would then seek a nuclear weapon. If you go back 2 decades you will know that we gave Saddam WMDs during the Iraq-Iran war in an effort to help Iraq defeat Iran. If you go back 1 decade you will find the fact that Saddam gassed his own countrymen. He used his own weapons on his own people. So I ask, did Bush lie? Was he given false information? According to the CIA, the KGB, the British and other intelligence agencies around the world, they all say Saddam did have WMDs. Not to mention the other little fact that Saddam had committed genocide. Genocide you say isn’t that the reasons Clinton lead a force to remove Slobodan Milosevic in Kosovo and Mohamed Farrah Aidid in Somalia. Of course Clinton didn’t send us there under false pretense, however if you argue that Clinton did a good thing by removing those bad men then couldn’t you say Bush did a good thing by removing Saddam. I am sure all that hasn’t convinced anyone to change his or her mind about Bush lying to us. Bush sold the war on the information he had at the time, that information was bad, it was bad cause Saddam was bluffing, and he was making it look like he did have WMDs. Like Milosevic and Aidid, a brutal dictator has been removed, the only problems the liberals have with that is it wasn’t their candidate that did it. Also it amazes me, if an American leader bombs an American city all of America would be in an uproar and most of the world as well. If Saddam does it, nobody seems to care, he had oil and he had money we better keep our mouth shut about the hundreds of thousands of people he is killing. So meet the new boss same as the old boss, doesn’t matter if you are a republican or a democrat, you feel it is America’s job to police the world. The only thing that matters is if it is your candidate that is doing it or not.

So Bush is ruining this country. Seems to me it is still running the same as it did a decade ago. Americans still wake up in the morning, go to work come home eat dinner and watch network television and then repeat the process the next day. We still have people like athletes and entertainers making millions of dollars. We still have corporations and business in America as usual. The standard of living in America is one of the best in the world even with Bush in office. What is ruined? Some things are not good in this country. The 2nd amendment is under attack all the time, civil liberties have been violated, not just from the Patriot Act either. Taxes are to high, gas prices are to high, and big brother is bigger then ever. Our spending is out of control on the federal level. Wow, I could go on and on about all the bad stuff. If you could put the blame on one person like George Bush for all the problems in this country, I would laugh at you, then I would say wow that is one powerful individual. Or I would tell you to reevaluate it, maybe it is Government in general maybe it is all the politicians that make up the Federal Government. Of course when you are a republican or democrat it is just easier to blame the other party for it and even easier to take the blame all the way to the top and blame the commander in chief. Liberals talk about the great things Clinton did for the economy, however they don’t seem to want to mention the good economy we have now under Bush. I wonder what president, the commander in chief is doing take blame or credit for our economy but that is an argument for another time. Under Clinton we had one scandal after another, Monica, Paula, Water Gate, and so on. Under Bush we have scandals also, Scooter Libby, Valerie Plame to name a few. Under Clinton we had 2 wars, under Bush we have the War on Terror. So again meet the new boss same as the old boss, we have had wars and scandals then and we have them now. Do we really need to play the game of whose scandals and wars were worst or were justified?

Now we are at one of my favorites, gas prices. It is said that the war is for oil that Bush wants all the oil in the world, he is the one making the gas prices so high and taking all the profits. Of course no liberal has shown me any evidence that this is true, they just keep repeating themselves. Truth is most people don’t know where oil comes from and how it works. Taxes, including federal and local, account for about 14 percent of the total price of gas in the United States. So for every dollar you spend on gas, 14 cents goes to taxes. You spend $10 on gas you gave the government $1.40. About 50% of the money you spend goes to Crude oil suppliers, mostly to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Let me point out George Bush doesn’t manage, run or own OPEC. The new legislation to input ethanol comes from environmental standards that have been in place in some parts of the country for several years. In some areas, gasoline was required to meet higher environmental standards in order to reduce the amount of smog created by burning gasoline. Producing this cleaner-burning gasoline caused problems in refining, distribution and storage, which increased the cost of gas. Individual states also make their own regulations on gasoline, this causes cost to go up because once again the problems with refining, and distributing gas with different standards across the country. And of course supply and demand have a big impact on oil prices, since the United States depends heavily on foreign oil supplies we have to compete with other countries like China and India for purchasing crude oil and such it drives the price up. It is common sense to know price of oil increases when the world crude-oil market tightens and lowers inventories. Another thing that people don’t take in to consideration is refineries only have so much capacity. So lets look back and some of the causes of rising oil prices.
1. Taxes
2. Supply and Demand
3. Different legislation and standards in every state in America
4. OPEC being the biggest supplier of oil
5. America’s dependency on foreign oil
6. Lack of room, no capacity

I really don’t see George Bush on that list because I can’t find any facts that support he is controlling the oil prices for his own greed. Economist view oil prices being influenced by things like weather, labor strikes, and of course war. So if you want to make the argument that because George Bush is fighting a war then you could blame him for the rise in gas prices. The conclusion I am trying to draw is that a lot of things that have an affect on oil prices and George Bush is not one of them. He does come from Texas, which is the countries largest domestic oil producers, however we still rely so heavily on foreign oil for our every day needs. And a lot of people come from Texas, have oil on their land however they are not to blame for the rising gas prices. Look it up yourself if you don’t believe me.

In the end nothing changes too much from one president to the other, the federal government is to blame for a lot of this countries problems, not one man. If you are going to talk politics please support your argument with facts not just broad statements that do not mean anything. I couldn’t get those I was debating with the other night to talk to me once they knew I seen it different then them. They decided they hate George Bush and they need not say anymore. They are entitled to their opinion and can like or dislike any person they want. My point to defended Bush was the reasons they choose to bash him, they were not based on anything solid that I could find, and they really didn’t want to have an open discussion with anyone who appeared to like Bush. They turned their backs to me and went about their conversation, I can only assume because they knew it was an emotional reason for their hate. That what they are saying is the common talking points of their party and no facts are needed. I either see it their way or I don’t. I just hope that people stop hating so much and start working to solve the real problems and issues, and stop blaming the person that is affiliated with the opposite party they are in. Both parties are capable of going to war, to allow spending to get out of control, to have scandals and tell lies, and to make legislation based on the special interest groups that surround them. Like I said meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank You Veterans!

Thank You Veterans!
Today, Monday, November 12, 2007 is Veterans Day if you haven’t figured it out already. The North Virginia Patriots would like to thank all of America’s Veterans…. Thank you! The United States Military is the most respectful, honorable, and professional military in the world. The US Military is a place where every member is sworn to protect freedom and the constitution.

Veterans Day is a federal holiday honoring military veterans, a day that gives Americans the opportunity to honor the sacrifice and bravery of all U.S veterans. To us it is tied with our other favorite holidays, Independence Day, and Memorial Day. In 1954, the 83rd Congress, with the urging of the veterans service organizations had the Act of 1938 amended and change to the holiday to Veterans Day. Originally know as Armistice Day due to the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War I. In November 1918 Germany surrendered and on the “eleventh hour of the eleventh month” it officially ended World War I. In 1938 in legislation that was passed, November 11th was “dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be hereafter celebrated and known as “Armistice Day”, or an honor to World War I veterans. After having been through two other major wars, World War II, and the Korean War, in 1954 congress amended the act by striking out “Armistice” and inserting “Veterans”. On June 1st the legislation was approved and November 11th became Veterans Day, a day to honor all American Veterans.

Today we find some people who might forget the sacrifice that was made by so many brave men and women that have served from the Revolutionary War to today, the War On Terror. Dissent from the politicians and the wars that politicians put us in do not and should not translate to dissent for our soldiers that serve our country. Our Veterans have brought us freedom and has helped drive off tyranny and oppression. They have liberated other countries, and fought for liberty. They serve with honor and courage. They have served thousands of miles from their home under conditions that no person should be under, and have prevailed. They are our friends, our family, and our defenders! Thank you for your service!

How to celebrate veterans day!
There are many ways to celebrate veterans day. Some might include bbq and beer (not a bad way) while other go visit memorials and museums that are dedicated to our armed forces, you can even call, email, or visit a vet that you know. We even suggest you donate to charities that are set up to help veterans, these are all good ways to thank a vet.

DYK (Did You Know)- Memorial Day honors service members who died in service to our country or as a result of injuries incurred during battle. Deceased veterans are also remembered on Veterans Day but the day is set aside to thank and honor living veterans who served honorably in the military in both wartime and peacetime.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Government, Acronyms & Taxes

Ever wonder where you tax dollars go? Probably not, like most people you would answer it by saying “to the government”. And to the government it obviously does go and a lot of it goes to funding all the government acronyms- agencies. Can you believe how many government acronyms there are? Just for law enforcement alone, “for our protection” you have-
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)
ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms)
FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
NSA (National Security Agency)
ANG (Air National Guard)
BOP (Bureau of Prisons)
CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention)
DHS (Department of Homeland Security)
DOD (Department of Defense)
DOJ (Department of Justice)

Just to name a few, and we picked the 3 letter acronyms, there are still agency acronyms with 2 letters, 4 letters, and so on. Feel like the Feds are Big Brother yet? And how about some none law enforcement agencies-
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
FHA (Federal Housing Administration)

We could go on and on and on but instead we will put a link at the bottom of this blog with a list from A to Z of the government agency and their acronyms.

On top of all the your tax money is still spread out to programs like social security, welfare, schools, highways, and yes you can be assured, a government agency exist for each one. And of course the one who collects all this money is acronym public enemy number 1, the IRS. Not to mention we didn’t mention the state agency that exists.

Our blogs will rant more about taxes for sure, for example a single person with no children still contributes to public schools.

To conclude one would have to feel like we are moving everyday towards socialism that we work for our government and soon the only jobs that will be available will be government jobs.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Murphy’s Law of Combat #17: When you have secured an area, don’t forget to tell the enemy. Mitt, Rudy, Hillary, & Barack, pay attention……Ron Paul has raised over $4 million online in 24 hours with an overwhelming grassroots effort. Approximately 34,000 people contributed online in the 24-hour period. Since October, Ron Paul has raised over $7.4 million online and on target to reach and exceed the $12 million goal by December 31st.

Now for the next couple of Days The North Virginia Patriots will monitor the “Main Stream Media” (MSM) and see how much coverage they give this story. One thing we will predict is the “Fair and Balanced” Fox News company will gives this very little coverage if any at all. For all their talk about being “Fair and Balanced” they have mostly ignored Ron Paul. I will admit we watched Ron Paul on The O’Reilly Factor, and Bill was respectful to him, however he focused basically on Iran and nothing else. Sean Hannity can’t find it in him to give any acknowledgment to Ron Paul.

So who will cover this and how much momentum will this give Ron Paul? We will certainly track it over the next couple of days. For the Ron Paul supporters this is big news, as it is for Ron Paul himself.

Ron Paul is 3rd in-line for the most amount of money raised by the Republican candidates, and he currently leads in the online polls. Once again we at the NVP believe that he is being held back in the other polls for several reasons. First, most of the surveys are taken on Land lines, normal telephones. We have noticed that the average Ron Paul supporters are a more modern crowd and do more of their communication via VOIP and cell phones, dealing with the bureaucracy and red tape of the old phone company just doesn’t seem to cut it for this crowd. Second, the MSM has its part to play, after all if elections were decided by polls and the MSM then John Kerry would be our president today. Third, Ron Paul does not carry the name recognition that a lot of the other candidates have. Hillary as everyone knows is the former 1st lady under a popular president. Giuliani was Mayor of New York city during one of the country’s biggest days in History. Fred Thompson, “the actor”-need we say more. The other candidates such as Romney and Obama have had the help of the MSM to gain their name recognition. Can Ron Paul win the nomination with his grassroots effort? He has run a monumental fund raising campaign based on it, he has over 1100 meet-up groups across the country, volunteers that are helping spread his word with very minimal, if any, direction from the campaign itself.
We at the NVP believe you should do your homework and go to all the candidate’s websites, read their message and views. We believe that you should watch all the debates and pick the person who best represents you and your views. At the end of the day, we believe that Ron Paul best represent those who believe in personal freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome To North Virginia Patriots Blog

Welcome to our new Blog from The North Virginia Patriots. This is a political blog geared towards freedom loving people. It is based on the ideological view of true Capitalism and Obejectivism. Many say that the United States Constitution is open for interpretation, we interpret it as a document that gives American citizens the rights to life, liberty and property. Its job is to limit the size of government and not allow for monarchs, dictators, and tyrants, and it only believes that man can govern him self and live peacefully under a complete and true capitalist society.

Please post you comments for or against our views, we will not tolerate racial comments, vulgar language, or attempts to attack someone personally. Freedom is our message and we intend to bring up political issues and other issues that effect Freedom.
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