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North Virginia Patriots show is a liberty minded political talk radio show. Hosted by Bill, Bryan and Ray, we cover all the topics in the political world from a libertarian view piont. Broadcasting on Restore the Republic Radio and Blog Talk Radio. For the best in libertarian talk radio tune in every Monday-Friday at 6 PM Eastern Time or listen to our archives here!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Radio Show- 1st week with new schedule

Our radio show is getting off to a good start. Ray has been able to record sound bites and skits and play them back, he has prerecorded introduction and messages. We are starting to get a format together. It turns out we have become a political analyst show for the most part although we do goof around from time to time. Wednesday we had the great opportunity to have our show right after the Republican debate in Iowa and give post debate analyst. We had the highest number of listeners that day with 121. Our new schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 4 to 6 PM, est. We also have a website for the show at www.northvirginiapatriots.com

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