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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Michigan, Nobody Cares!

Or at least the Democratic Party doesn’t care. Hilary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, and uncommitted were the only 3 on the Democratic ballot in Michigan, and Kucinich lost to uncommitted. After the primaries in Michigan on Tuesday I would think the voters of Michigan should be upset at the Democrat Party. The Democrats were mad because Michigan moved its primary date from Super Tuesday to this Tuesday. Mad because they said it broke party rules. For breaking this rule, the Democrats pulled all their delegates and only Hillary Clinton and Dennis Kucinich remain on the ballot. The Republican Party pulled 30 delegates but all candidates stayed on the ballot. The move by the parties was done to try to stop states from moving up their primary dates. You could assume they thought that it would make the citizens of Michigan mad and force the state to keep its original primary election date. I am not a citizen of Michigan and it made me mad. Mad because I feel that this is once again an example of bullying a state and not respecting state rights. Both parties on the national level ordered their parties in Michigan to pull the delegates. Once again the two parties of the Democrats and Republicans have a big nationalist or big federalist agenda and those who think different then them get punished. In this case it was the voters of Michigan. If I had the voice and platform to be heard by all of them, I would encourage all of them to change their party affiliation to Independent. They can still vote in the General Election when registered as an Independent. I would ask the voters of Michigan not to donate any money to the Republican and Democratic Party. Who are they to tell a state when they can or can not hold their Primaries?
So now Michigan’s votes do not count when the DNC comes around. How can we hold an election in this country and have an entire state votes not count? This is not the American way and having two parties dominate the elections and try to make the rules is not the American way. I change my mind, every United States citizen should be mad.

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