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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Government, Acronyms & Taxes

Ever wonder where you tax dollars go? Probably not, like most people you would answer it by saying “to the government”. And to the government it obviously does go and a lot of it goes to funding all the government acronyms- agencies. Can you believe how many government acronyms there are? Just for law enforcement alone, “for our protection” you have-
CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency)
ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms)
FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
NSA (National Security Agency)
ANG (Air National Guard)
BOP (Bureau of Prisons)
CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention)
DHS (Department of Homeland Security)
DOD (Department of Defense)
DOJ (Department of Justice)

Just to name a few, and we picked the 3 letter acronyms, there are still agency acronyms with 2 letters, 4 letters, and so on. Feel like the Feds are Big Brother yet? And how about some none law enforcement agencies-
EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
FHA (Federal Housing Administration)

We could go on and on and on but instead we will put a link at the bottom of this blog with a list from A to Z of the government agency and their acronyms.

On top of all the your tax money is still spread out to programs like social security, welfare, schools, highways, and yes you can be assured, a government agency exist for each one. And of course the one who collects all this money is acronym public enemy number 1, the IRS. Not to mention we didn’t mention the state agency that exists.

Our blogs will rant more about taxes for sure, for example a single person with no children still contributes to public schools.

To conclude one would have to feel like we are moving everyday towards socialism that we work for our government and soon the only jobs that will be available will be government jobs.


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