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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Ron Paul Revolution Continues

Murphy’s Law of Combat #17: When you have secured an area, don’t forget to tell the enemy. Mitt, Rudy, Hillary, & Barack, pay attention……Ron Paul has raised over $4 million online in 24 hours with an overwhelming grassroots effort. Approximately 34,000 people contributed online in the 24-hour period. Since October, Ron Paul has raised over $7.4 million online and on target to reach and exceed the $12 million goal by December 31st.

Now for the next couple of Days The North Virginia Patriots will monitor the “Main Stream Media” (MSM) and see how much coverage they give this story. One thing we will predict is the “Fair and Balanced” Fox News company will gives this very little coverage if any at all. For all their talk about being “Fair and Balanced” they have mostly ignored Ron Paul. I will admit we watched Ron Paul on The O’Reilly Factor, and Bill was respectful to him, however he focused basically on Iran and nothing else. Sean Hannity can’t find it in him to give any acknowledgment to Ron Paul.

So who will cover this and how much momentum will this give Ron Paul? We will certainly track it over the next couple of days. For the Ron Paul supporters this is big news, as it is for Ron Paul himself.

Ron Paul is 3rd in-line for the most amount of money raised by the Republican candidates, and he currently leads in the online polls. Once again we at the NVP believe that he is being held back in the other polls for several reasons. First, most of the surveys are taken on Land lines, normal telephones. We have noticed that the average Ron Paul supporters are a more modern crowd and do more of their communication via VOIP and cell phones, dealing with the bureaucracy and red tape of the old phone company just doesn’t seem to cut it for this crowd. Second, the MSM has its part to play, after all if elections were decided by polls and the MSM then John Kerry would be our president today. Third, Ron Paul does not carry the name recognition that a lot of the other candidates have. Hillary as everyone knows is the former 1st lady under a popular president. Giuliani was Mayor of New York city during one of the country’s biggest days in History. Fred Thompson, “the actor”-need we say more. The other candidates such as Romney and Obama have had the help of the MSM to gain their name recognition. Can Ron Paul win the nomination with his grassroots effort? He has run a monumental fund raising campaign based on it, he has over 1100 meet-up groups across the country, volunteers that are helping spread his word with very minimal, if any, direction from the campaign itself.
We at the NVP believe you should do your homework and go to all the candidate’s websites, read their message and views. We believe that you should watch all the debates and pick the person who best represents you and your views. At the end of the day, we believe that Ron Paul best represent those who believe in personal freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

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