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Monday, November 5, 2007

Welcome To North Virginia Patriots Blog

Welcome to our new Blog from The North Virginia Patriots. This is a political blog geared towards freedom loving people. It is based on the ideological view of true Capitalism and Obejectivism. Many say that the United States Constitution is open for interpretation, we interpret it as a document that gives American citizens the rights to life, liberty and property. Its job is to limit the size of government and not allow for monarchs, dictators, and tyrants, and it only believes that man can govern him self and live peacefully under a complete and true capitalist society.

Please post you comments for or against our views, we will not tolerate racial comments, vulgar language, or attempts to attack someone personally. Freedom is our message and we intend to bring up political issues and other issues that effect Freedom.

1 comment:

Rayzer42 said...

Awesome man! This should be a good launch pad for promoting freedom and liberty. I like the name and what it stands for.

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